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Quality is our top priority

At Nook Coffee Bar, quality is our top priority. We source and roast the finest specialty coffee beans from around the world, and our expert baristas meticulously prepare each beverage to bring out the unique flavors and aromas that define a truly exceptional cup of coffee.

Our story

Our joyrney so far

Nook Coffee Bar was founded in 2018 by three friends – Edward Kim, Chris Lee, and David Choi. Their shared passion for high-quality coffee and creating a welcoming space for the community drove them to open this specialty coffee shop. More than just a cafe, Nook strives to be a community hub where people can connect over their love of great coffee. Our warm and inviting space encourages you to linger, whether you’re meeting friends, getting work done, or simply taking a break from your busy day.

Our dishes

Obsessed with quality

We are part of a thriving community of Korean-owned coffee businesses in LA’s Koreatown neighborhood. This tight-knit group acts as an extended family, coming together regularly to share expertise, resources, and support one another through both prosperous times and challenges. Our founders are passionate about promoting transparency, education, and representation within the specialty coffee industry. They work closely with this community to uphold sustainable and ethical sourcing practices that benefit farmers while delivering an unparalleled coffee experience for customers.

Why choose us

The most upcoming coffee bar in town!


Amazing coffee

We serve truly exceptional coffee made from the finest beans sourced globally.


Great atmosphere

Our warm and inviting space encourages you to linger and connect.


Community hub

We strive to be a vibrant gathering place for the local community.


Passionate founders

Our founders are driven by their love of coffee and this community.

Our baristas

Our most skilled coffee artisans!

Our expert baristas are passionate about their craft and deliver the perfect cup of coffee every time.

Edward Kim

Head Barista

Chris Lee


David Choi


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